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Living with an Alcoholic Quiz

Living with an Alcoholic Quiz

Other terms for alcohol use disorder (AUD) are alcoholism, alcohol addiction, or alcohol dependence. This disease leads to many different health problems and alcohol-related injuries. Seeking professional help through your healthcare provider or a medical professional can get a person a proper diagnosis and alcohol treatment. Those with SAD are more likely to develop alcohol use issues, such as binge drinking.

Additionally, it is essential to understand the symptoms, health risks, and treatment options available. There are several treatment options available for people struggling with alcohol use disorder. People who are seeking treatment for their alcohol abuse may qualify for detox, residential, or outpatient treatment.

What Qualifies You As An Alcoholic?

If you believe someone you love does have AUD, encourage them to talk with their doctor about the amount and frequency of their drinking. A primary care physician can run tests that indicate excessive alcohol consumption, and help find ways to address the disease. Sometimes, seeing lab results that show how alcohol is affecting your health sober house is the eye-opener you need to admit your issues and get help. They began drinking at a young age and have dependencies or addictions to other substances. Usually, they also endure psychiatric or mental health disorders that make treatment particularly necessary. Seventy-five percent of them have a family history with alcohol as well.

alcoholism quiz

Living with an alcoholic can be incredibly difficult, especially if the loved one has not yet realized that they have a problem or is not willing, for any reason, to take steps to help get help. Either way, trying to extend your intoxication to unreasonable spans of time can
mean you’re more of an alcoholic than you’d like to admit. Alcohol consumption causes significant changes in our cognitive abilities. The way
we think, talk, and act when we’re intoxicated is rarely the same as when we’re
sober. And as a result, we may say or do things when drinking that we end up
regretting the next day. This is what’s known as withdrawal and is characterized by a number of symptoms such
as agitation, anxiety, physical tremors,
and more.

How Do You Treat AUD?

According to the answers you provided, it appears you may not have a drinking problem. If you drink at all, you are probably a low-risk, moderate drinker or what some call a social drinker. Treatment for an alcohol addiction might involve a residential inpatient stay, an outpatient program, or simply participation in individual or group counseling.

  • As such, it might be time to re-evaluate whether or not your drinking behaviors are
    actually a sign of a more deep-rooted addiction.
  • This disorder can look very different between different individuals, so it’s important to seek outside help if you worry that you or a loved one is exhibiting some of these warning signs.
  • Then take our ‘Am I An Alcoholic Quiz’ to find out more and get assistance.
  • Please come and explore our options for long-term treatment and residential facilities.

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